Tusi Stationery was created in 2020 to provide quality bi-lingual stationery products in Samoan & English. There are limited resources currently available in our Samoan language, so we wanted to create products people could use everyday to reconnect with our language, history and culture. 

There is a Samoan proverb that says "O le fuata ma lona lou" It refers to the harvesting of breadfruit, preparing the new long stick to hook the breadfruit down. 

"O aso ma ona Fuafuaga" is referring to ones daily plans - but also that the "days plan of work, depends on the individuals commitment" 

We hope our range of Planners help you and your aiga/ family - be committed to the plans that you make for your future, and take daily action to achieve the goals you set. 

The resources are made and sold in Aotearoa, New Zealand. We look forward to the borders opening across the globe again so we can grow our distribution network. We welcome your support and feedback to our first range of resources. 

Fa'afetai lava